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Heads Must Roll At Dunedin City Council Over Lead In Water

The Taxpayers’
is calling for heads to roll at
Dunedin City Council after residents were
unaware of lead contamination
of their
drinking water of four times the allowable

Taxpayers’ Union spokesman
Louis Houlbrooke says, “Providing safe drinking water is
one of the most basic public services people pay rates for.
For it to take 10 days for test result to be sent to the
Council, only to have that email ‘lost’ for another few
weeks, indicates a failure of safety and communication
systems. For the Council to then take another few weeks to
notify the public is incompetence in the

“It’s also an issue of trust.
Communities should be able to trust councils, who hold
monopolies on service provision, to be up front on these
matters. That trust has been abused by Dunedin City Council
and individuals must be held to account as a first step to
rebuild it.”

The maximum accepted level of lead in
drinking water is 10 micrograms per litre. Test results show
the levels to be as high as 39 micrograms per

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