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Have You Say On The Counter-Terrorism Legislation Bill

The Justice Committee has today called for submissions on
the Counter-Terrorism Legislation Bill. This bill seeks to
better prevent and respond to terrorism and associated
activities through a number of changes, including amendments
to the Terrorism Suppression Act 2022, the Search and
Surveillance Act 2012, and the Terrorism Suppression
(Control Orders) Act 2019.

The bill would create
several new offences. In particular, it would:

criminalise travel to, from, or via New Zealand with the
intention to carry out a specified offence in the Terrorism
Suppression Act 2002

· criminalise planning or
preparation for a terrorist act (and apply warrantless
powers of entry, search, and surveillance to that

· more clearly criminalise weapons training
or combat training for terrorist purposes.

changes that the bill seeks to make include:

criminalising wider forms of material support for terrorist
activities or organisations

· updating the definition
of terrorist act to improve clarity

· extend the
control orders regime so that individuals who have completed
a prison sentence for specified offences related to
terrorism may be subject to the regime if they continue to
present a real risk of engaging in terrorism-related

· update the Terrorism Suppression Act
2002 to ensure that it applies to conduct that is, or that
creates an unacceptable risk of, terrorism and associated

Tell the Justice Committee what you

a submission
on the bill by midnight on Friday 25 June

For more details about the bill:

· Read
the full content of the bill

· Get
more details about the bill

· What’s
been said in Parliament about the

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