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Government Must Speak Out On Israeli Plans To Demolish Palestinian Medical Clinic

An Israeli
government demand that a medical clinic in the Occupied West
Bank be demolished
has raised another call from the
Palestine Solidarity Network for the New Zealand government
to speak out.

Israel has instructed inhabitants of the
West Bank town of Zanouta to destroy many of their homes and
their medical clinic. This follows an earlier
Israel demolition of a Palestinians Covid 19

PSNA Spokesperson John Minto says not only
is Israel denying Covid-19 vaccines to 4.5 million
Palestinians under its occupation and control but is using
the pandemic as a cover to increase its rate of destruction
of Palestinian houses and structures.

The United
Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
has listed 847 demolitions by Israel of Palestinian homes
and structures in 2020, most during the pandemic.

Minto says Israel is obligated to protect medical facilities
and provide medical treatment to Palestinians in the
Occupied Territories.

“Article 56 of the Fourth
Geneva Protocol is quite clear about this. It states and
occupying powers; “must adopt and supply the
prophylactic and preventative measures necessary to combat
the spread of contagious diseases and epidemics in
cooperation with local authorities.”

by the Israeli government, and their supporters in New
Zealand, that supply of vaccines is the responsibility of
the Palestinian Authority doesn’t match the facts on the

“The Palestinian Authority has no
administrative presence in Area C which is two thirds of the
West Bank. Nor does it have responsibility for the
Palestinian political prisoners illegally held in Israeli
jails and who are also denied

“Israel is telling the world how
its vaccinating its whole population, without mentioning
that its only vaccinating those it allows to be citizens or
permanent residents.”

“It is supplying vaccines to
its illegal settlers in the Occupied West Bank but denying
them to their Palestinian neighbours whose land was taken to
build the settlements.”

government’s refusal to publicly criticise Israel for its
refusal to provide vaccinations for Palestinians under its
occupation and control is complicity with racism.

Minto says a United
Nations special report
last week makes Israel’s
responsibilities clear:

Morally and legally,
differential access to necessary health care amid the worst
global health crisis in a century is

‘The denial of an equal
access to health care, such as on the basis of ethnicity or
race, is discriminatory and unlawful”

Minister of Foreign Affairs Nanaia Mahuta is refusing to
speak out publicly, unlike her position on human rights in

“She says New Zealand is monitoring the
situation. That the government knows what is going on and
makes no statement is

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