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New Conservative stands for Human Rights, freedom for
all, our freedom, and freedom as stated in the NZ Bill of
Rights Act. Our Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, is working
hard to silence the words we speak through so-called ‘hate
speech’ laws so we do not cause any emotional harm to
others, yet she ignores the real harm and physical abuses
occurring in China and other nations today.

Conservative applauds Andrew Little for recently calling
China out on the CCP’s state sponsored malicious cyber
attacks in New Zealand. While we are grateful for Labour’s
stance on this issue, why is our PM silent about the abuses
of people occurring in China? We demand our government
address these violations of human rights.

The New
Zealand government must take human rights seriously, not
only within NZ, but also in other nations, especially our
trading partners, where China is persecuting members of
their nation. It is not good enough to maintain trade
relations at the expense of people’s lives as this is
passively condoning these violations.

The human rights
abuses in China have been clearly documented. The
sterilisation of women, public humiliation and restrictions
on religion are just some of the violations. Most alarming
is the organ harvesting where hundreds of thousands have
been imprisoned and tortured with many condemned to organ
harvesting, and among the victims are the persecuted Falun
Gong as well as Muslim Uyghurs, Tibetan Buddhist and
Christian groups.

The Chinese Communist Party has been
accused of operating big business, exporting precious organs
for transplants including livers, heart, lungs, and kidneys
to other countries, using people as a commodity for their
own gain. We must condemn the CCP for live organ harvesting
on the population of religious minority groups.

nation’s soft approach to these injustices and crimes of
humanity is appalling. We need strong leadership in this
nation that will not look the other way while shaking hands
with China. The Chinese Communist Party has been trying
every means to infiltrate all aspects of NZ society while
doing its best to look harmless. However, it cannot conceal
the fact that the one hundred year history of the CCP is
full of violence, deceit, and killing.

The United
Nations convention defines genocide as acts committed with
intent to destroy ethnic, racial, or religious groups. New
Conservative asks, “Does this look like genocide?” The
UN International Criminal Law is weak when it does nothing
to sanction member states who display crimes against its

We all need to work together to end the human
rights violations in China, and return freedom to the
Chinese people, as well as protect our beautiful nation from
the infiltration of the

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