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Free Speech Union Welcome Judith Collins As Member

The Free Speech Union is pleased to welcome
aboard its newest member, National Party Leader, the Hon
Judith Collins, and believe it is the first time a serving
leader of the National Party has joined a registered trade

Free Speech Union spokesman, Dr David
Cumin, said “Since our launch a few weeks ago, hundreds of
New Zealanders have signed up to our trade union to promote
free speech. We welcome the Leader of the Opposition, as we
will every MP who subscribes to our

“As far as we know, this is the first
time a serving National Party leader has ever been a member
of a registered trade union. Traditionally, it has been
left-wing unions who fought for the idea that employees are
not servants 24/7 – that what you do and say in your
private life is of no business to employers. That’s the
value we need to reestablish, and something we encourage
other unions to reassert.”

“Whether it be
‘values’, overreaching ‘codes of conduct’ or ‘health
and safety’ excuses – employers cannot force employees to
subscribe to political views. That’s why we created this
trade union to protect freedom of speech.”

for politicians, freedom of speech is under threat. Private
American owned corporates are blocking what our political
parties can say online, MPs are still subject to the ‘Waka
Jumping laws’ – which can see list MPs sacked for not
towing the Party line – and in local government, some
councils are asserting that elected officials are only
allowed to talk to the media with permission from council

“It’s time to return to freedom of
speech being the default. We can’t have a healthy
democracy without people being willing to disagree
respectfully, and promoting tolerance – even accepting the
risk of being offended.”

“Ms Colin’s politics do
not align with many members of our Union Council. But that
is the point of free speech, isn’t

Politicians of all political stripes
are encouraged to stand for free speech, and join the Free
Speech Union at

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