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Fine For The Abuse Of 250 Calves A Slap On The Wrist

This week Anthony Brolly was sentenced in the Taupō
District Court on seven animal welfare charges. He was fined
$12,000 and ordered to pay costs of $5,292 after he failed
to feed, adequately treat and prevent parasites in 245
calves, and ill-treated five calves.

The Ministry for
Primary Industries (MPI) stated that ‘all cases of animal
abuse are unacceptable,’ however the penalties for abuse
don’t go far enough. For comparison, last month a dairy
farmer and his company were fined
$103,500 for effluent discharge

Ashton said the sentence doesn’t align with the gravity of
the offence.

“Time and time again, the perpetrators of
harm against animals get off lightly,” said

“This is the latest example of how our animal
welfare system does not adequately care for the welfare of
vulnerable animals.”

MPI bought the charges against
Anthony Brolly. MPI is responsible for enforcing animal
welfare law on farms, but its primary function is the
promotion of New Zealand agriculture and exports.

has a conflict of interest. They’re also under resourced.
We need better systems in place that will put animal welfare
first – starting with a Commissioner for

“Right now, animals are suffering on farms
across the country. They need an independent voice free from
bias or industry

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