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Fatal Van Accident Linked To Poorly Marked Intersections

fatal van accident
, in which four people died, could
probably have been avoided if the intersection had been
properly marked, says the car review website

Clive Matthew-Wilson, who is an outspoken road safety
campaigner, says accidents of this kind are frequently the
result of drivers not noticing a compulsory Stop

“Canterbury is criss-crossed with
intersections such as the Cochranes Road/Wakanui Road
intersection where this accident occurred. Drivers new to
the area, driving along a long, flat road, may not see the
approaching intersection until it’s too late. One small stop
sign is not enough.”

“If drivers are unaware that
there is a Stop sign, they may just drive straight through,
often with fatal consequences.”

“Aside from
improving signage at intersections, the government needs to
urgently install horizontal rumble strips, to alert drivers
that a compulsory stop intersection is looming. Multiple
have shown these strips are highly effective at
slowing vehicles and alerting drivers that a major
intersection is just ahead.”

“This type of
accident is not uncommon in the Canterbury area. I wonder
how many more innocent people have to die before the
government takes

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