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Farmer’s Protest | Scoop News

I am sitting down today because I am terrified of what
the future holds for myself and my tamariki.

The Earth
is on fire!! All over America there are wild fire’s at
rate unseen in human history. Siberia, one of the coldest
places on earth… is on fire. Last week we had the hottest
day ever recorded in the history of reliable recording. The
last 6 years were the hottest ever recorded and the scary
thing is they will probably be the coolest from this point
on. People are already suffering from the effects of the
Climate and Ecological crisis, While at the same time
farmers and ute owners across the motu are rising up because
the Government are tokenistically trying to do something
about it.

The reality is, If your industry is
responsible for the mass confiscation of indigenous land,
mass pollution of our fresh water ways, the uncontrollable
emitting of one of the most toxic greenhouse gases
(methane), the deforestation of our native bush, degradation
of our soils, the acidification of our oceans, the funding
of the war in Western Sahara and murder of millions/billion
of non human sentient beings then the changes Government are
asking you to make are nothing compared to the changes you
need to make to ensure a livable future for our tamariki. If
you are here protesting the “Ute tax” then you are
privileged enough to afford a new ute so sit the hell down.
This “Howl of a protest” only pushes us further away
from any tangible future where we are able to sustain
ourselves as a species on this planet and I will not stand
by while they jeopardise our future.

This crisis is
systematic and needs systematic transformation, which needed
to happen yesterday. Government needs to show real
leadership and lead farmers through the transition to a
holistic, regenerative plant based food system that heals
the whenua rather than destroys it!

“I am Tangata
Whenua, an ex dairy farmer, animal liberationist, member of
Extinction Rebellion and a father of 3. My intention today
is not to upset or anger people but I understand that I
probably will. I will only stand up when farmers and ute
owners present at this protest turn their vehicles around,
go home and start making the huge transformations that need
to be made. If you are unsure of what those changes are,
educate yourself”.

Jen Olsen

on behalf of XR
Whakatū, XR Ōtepoti and XR

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