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Fair Pay Agreements Not The Future Of The Workplace

Inflexible, compulsory national awards are not the future
of the workplace for employers or for employees says the
Employers and Manufacturers Association.

“The fact the
Government is pursuing these agreements in the face of
contrary advice from officials within MBIE highlights they
are a step back in industrial relations for New Zealand,”
says EMA CEO Brett O’Riley.

Mr O’Riley said it was
widely agreed by employers, the union movement and even
current government ministers that the future of work was an
adaptable, fast-moving and flexible workplace.

then would we go back to a system of central, inflexible
regulation that removes the ability of individual employers
to work with their own workforce in setting terms and
conditions suitable to an individual workplace and removes
the ability for individual employees to negotiate working
arrangements that suit their circumstances?”

paper also points out that the compulsory nature of
negotiating these agreements may also breach international
obligations around bargaining as set out by the
International Labour Organisation

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