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Defence Force’s Pulling Of Anti-woke Essay Shows Lack Of Moral Courage

The decision by the Chief of the Defence Force to remove
an essay which had been selected as the best written in an
essay competition because he didn’t like what it claimed
is chilling, and a troubling attack on free

Spokesperson for the Free Speech Union, Dane
Giraud says “Our society was built on a commitment to free
and fearless debate — a value that countless troops have
laid their lives down for. The Defence Force should be
steadfast in its defence of this sacred tradition, not seek
to undermine it.”

“Diversity must also mean
diversity of thought. The essay should not be buried, it
should be debated. To gag one of our soldiers in this way,
removing what had already been acknowledged as a
well-articulated point, simply because the optics of the
well-articulated point confronted some who do not share the
views espoused, must have nations overseas bending in

“Ironically, pulling down the essay
means that countless more people have now read the essay
than would have otherwise.”

“The essay is
available on the Free Speech Union website, and we encourage
anyone interested in its contents to read the essay
themselves and make up their own mind as to whether it

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