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Corrections Minister Repeating Broken Promises, Say Justice Advocates

Minister of Corrections Kelvin Davis has issued a
directive to senior Corrections staff in the aftermath of
the Mihi Bassett torture case. People Against Prisons
Aotearoa says the Minister is repeating the same promises he
made to Māori in 2019, and subsequently

“Kelvin Davis is making promises to Māori
that he knows the Crown won’t be able to keep,” says
People Against Prisons Aotearoa spokesperson Emilie Rākete.
“Kelvin says he will ask Corrections to stop being racist
and stop torturing prisoners. If this could possibly work,
it would have worked when he said the exact same thing in
2019, with his miserably failed Hokai Rangi

“The problem is not that Kelvin hasn’t
asked Corrections to stop being racist, the problem is that
Corrections must be racist. There is no way to remove
Māori from our communities, lock us in double-bunked cells,
and hold us in solitary confinement that is not

“Kelvin is repeating himself, and
expecting us to believe we didn’t notice he failed us last
time. He will fail us again. This letter is worth less than
the paper it was printed

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