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Commission Lays Foundation For Necessary Just Transition

E tū welcomes the latest Climate Change Commission, He
Pou a Rangi, report to the Government as it lays firm
foundations for a Just Transition to a low-carbon

Ināia tonu nei: a low emissions future
for Aotearoa
sets out a policy direction for a fair,
inclusive, and equitable transition for workers and their

E tū researcher Sam Huggard says the
advice covers the core components advocated by E tū for a
Just Transition: proactive transition planning with all
parties at the table, widely accessible education and
training, dedicated support for workers in transition, and
better analysing the distributional impacts of climate
policies on population groups.

“For key industries
in transition, a collective approach is needed to map out
the transferable skills across a workforce as a whole and
actively manage the process of redeployment into new

“Workers know that change is coming to their
jobs as a result of climate change and other trends, such as
automation — that’s why a Just Transition is so

“We welcome the Commission’s
recognition of the call from unions and others for this work
to be secure, well paid, and decent work.”

Sam says
the union also endorses the Commission’s views on the need
to partner with iwi, hapū, and whānau to design an
equitable transition that works for Māori, and to ensure
Māori social and economic interests are protected and Te
Tiriti is upheld.

“This report shows that the
foundations have been laid for genuine involvement of
workers in designing their future, which is necessary to
give people confidence we can achieve

However, key challenges remain, with
significant investment needed to develop new industries or
support existing ones to transition to a low-carbon future,
he says.

“We think further government investment,
beyond that set aside in Green Investment Finance and the
Regional Strategic Partnership Fund, will be needed,” Sam

“Many of the support measures needed to
mitigate the impact of decarbonising will come with a cost,
and so we also need an honest debate and further action on
tax reform, to ensure we are bringing in necessary revenue
to fund the

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