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Coal Imports Up Again, Govt Must Reverse Gas Exploration Ban

“The Government’s marketing-led environmentalism has
been mugged by scientific reality”, says ACT’s Climate
Change spokesperson Simon Court.

“The result of the
ban on exploration for natural gas will be that New
Zealanders import more coal.

imports were up
41 percent in the December 2020 quarter
as compared with the same time 12 months earlier. New
Zealand imported more coal in 2020 than in 2017 and 2018

“This was predictable, and predicted, but
the Government didn’t listen.

“The environmental
case for allowing natural gas exploration is now
overwhelming – our trading partners have reduced emissions
by using natural gas and turning off old coal-fired power
stations and industrial heating.

“But no one is
interested in finding new gas reserves here due to the
Government’s ban on new exploration.

“New Zealand
Oil and Gas has relinquished its Toroa and Clipper permits
– the last deep sea oil and gas exploration permits off
the coast of the South Island.

“That decision
follows Genesis bringing a 240 megawatt coal-fired unit out
of storage at Huntly to provide backup electricity

“The independent Parliamentary
Commissioner for the Environment has pointed out that the
ban on offshore gas exploration will impose massive costs on
the economy but is unlikely to reduce domestic

“There is no environmental benefit to
banning gas exploration if Indonesian coal will be imported

“The Prime Minister needs to show that her
‘nuclear-free moment’ wasn’t just a line in a speech
by reversing the ban on exploration for natural gas so New
Zealand can begin to make meaningful long-term reductions in

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