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Co-governance Has To Stop | Scoop News

“Another co-governance plan, this time for South Island
water is yet another example co-governance structures put in
place by both National and Labour Governments,” says ACT
Leader David Seymour.

“A plan from the Labour
Government to transfer 50 percent of publicly-owned water
assets in the South Island to Ngāi Tahu is no different to
what National put in place around the Waikato River or the
co-governance of Auckland’s volcanic mountains through
Tūpuna Maunga.

“ACT voted against the co-governance
of the Waikato River and we are the only party that has
continuously stood strong against dividing New

“This is nothing but an extension of
polices started under National, including co-governance of a
river and a set of mountains, it’s difficult to see how
this is different.

“ACT has always said Treaty
settlements are full and final and people shouldn’t have a
seat at the table because of their ancestors.

is the only party that has consistently stuck to its
principles on this issue. We exist to have honest
conversations about difficult issues like this and to unite
New Zealanders behind good

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