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Climate Emergency Calls For Climate Hui In 2021

Climate Citizens’ Assembly may be needed to make real
progress on the report of the Climate Change Commission,
says the Aotearoa Climate Emergency (ACE) President Phil

“The Commission aspires to ‘drive climate
action in Aotearoa’ but this can only be done through
public consent,” says Phil Saxby. “While there was
cross-party support for the idea of a Climate Change
Commission (which the UK has had since 2008), that does not
necessarily translate into public support for effective
climate action.”

The Climate Change Commissioner, Dr
Rod Carr, will be presenting plans on 1 February 2021 for
meeting, in stages, the Zero Carbon Act goals of Zero net
carbon by 2050.

The goal of Zero Net Carbon by 2050
has international backing and New Zealand should set an
example in the South Pacific region says ACE. “On our own,
this country cannot change worldwide carbon emissions very
much, but that is no reason to be complacent. Extreme
weather events are becoming more common and the Commission
is expected to recommend very major changes by

“ACE fully supports the Commission’s work
and has invited Dr Carr to speak at its April conference on
the role of the Commission in engaging the public in the
tough climate-change decisions we face”, says Phil

“We are asking the Commission, and all the
political parties in Parliament, to endorse the holding of a
Climate Hui (Citizens Assembly) in this country, as has
already been done in 2020 by the UK and France. The French
Assembly# came up with 150 specific proposals for urgent
climate action, and almost all of these have been accepted
by the French government,” says ACE.

ACE will hold
its second conference to promote a Climate Citizens Assembly
at Rehua marae, Christchurch, on 19 April 2021. In addition
to a presentation from Dr Carr, the conference will be
briefed online by Lise Deshautel on the French Citizens
Assembly for Climate. The conference will open with a panel
of iwi representatives reporting on how iwi are dealing with
climate action decisions.

Aotearoa Climate Emergency
held its first conference in 2019 in Wellington and took
part in a Climate Election Roadshow in association with
Extinction Rebellion at the time of the 2020 General

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