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Climate Change Report: Prime Minister Must Rule Out 30c Jump In Petrol Taxes

The Taxpayers’
is calling on Prime Minister
Jacinda Ardern to stick to her pre-election promise not to
hike petrol taxes and swiftly reject the Climate Change
Commission’s suggestion of increasing fuel costs by up to
30 cents per litre.

Union spokesman
Louis Houlbrooke says: “Some of the Climate Change
Commission’s advice will take a while for the Government
to process, but the suggestion of a hike to fuel tax can and
should be addressed immediately.”

“Prior to the
election, Jacinda Ardern made a promise that her Government
would not increase fuel tax any further. Now a major report
she commissioned is floating a further 30 cent tax hike. The
Prime Minister must confirm that her promise to New
Zealanders still stands. It’s a matter of integrity: if
she abandons this promise at the whim of a working group,
what other promises will be broken?”

“Fuel tax is
nasty enough as it is. It disproportionately hit the poor,
who generally own older, less efficient vehicles, and for
whom electric vehicles aren’t realistic. It’s not good
enough for the Beehive to expect shift workers in outer
suburbs to ‘get the bus’ or cycle while the rich can go

The Climate Change Commission’s draft
advice for consultation
references the 30 cent figure on

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