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Christchurch Call Summit Charts Next Steps

Big steps were made today in progressing the Christchurch
Call. Leaders of countries, tech companies and civil society
came together to reflect on progress since 2019 and create a
work plan for the coming years.

The Christchurch Call
was launched two years ago as a response to the live
streaming of the horrific terrorist attack on two mosques in
Christchurch in March 2019. The Call brings together
partners who share the common goal of eliminating terrorist
and violent extremist content online.

Jordan Carter,
InternetNZ Chief Executive, who was in Paris when the
Christchurch Call was launched, attended today’s Summit.
He says he’s proud of New Zealand for taking action and
showing leadership to establish the Call.

“In the last
two years, there has been some good progress achieved
together. However, it’s now crucial that we all improve
the ways we are working together – governments, companies,
and civil society – if we want to make the most

“The work plan agreed today is an
important step in that direction. All the participants in
the Call have agreed the principles of working well
together, and it’s now time to put those principles more
fully into practice,” says Carter.

Some of the
achievements and areas needing further work are outlined in
the recent Christchurch Call Community Consultation report:

Chief Advisor International, Dr Ellen Strickland, spoke at
the summit today as a member of the Christchurch Call
Advisory Network (CCAN) which represents civil society in
the Christchurch Call community.

“Key to the promise
of the Christchurch Call being realised is the Call
community working together. This is no small ask – for such
a wide set of perspectives to come together on this issue
and find ways to work together. Diversity is a key strength
of the Call, but this work, together, will require

“The Summit today was the culmination of
a few weeks of intense collaboration around work plans to
take forward this important work, together. The challenge
for the Christchurch Call community is now the ongoing
commitment to working together and making progress on some
of the key areas of work,” says Strickland.

The summit
endorsed work in four areas over the next year: building the
Call’s community, transparency, crisis response and

InternetNZ particularly looks forward to
seeing focussed work continue on understanding the impact of
algorithms. Understanding how algorithms work, and what
impact they can have, could be key to finding a solution to
eliminating the spread of terrorist and violent extremist
content online.

InternetNZ is committed to being part
of the Christchurch Call community to tackle the rise of
terrorism and violent extremism online while ensuring a free
and open Internet and respect for human rights.

Christchurch Call Advisory Network has released a statement
alongside the summit:

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