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Charging Electric Cars With Diesel

One thing this week that told us more about New Zealand
than anything else was the Department of Conservation
charging an electric vehicle on Stewart Island with a diesel

How did we get here? It’s just one
example of how a tiny but politically organised minority
push their agenda while polite Kiwis sit back. A more
serious example was the idea that 1,000 workers could force
compulsory union contracts on an entire industry. That’s
before we talk about the new New Zealand history curriculum,
or the various assaults on employers, landlords, farmers,
basically anyone trying to make a go of this

The problem is, what to do about it?
Disagreeing is not enough. The only way we can stop the
leftward march of what must be the worst New Zealand
government in living memory is by becoming active.
Only when New Zealanders like us stop having our good will
taken advantage of and make our voices heard in sufficient
numbers will the movement towards rational policy making and
fair representation gather momentum. Only then will our
views start effectively competing with those who charge
EV’s with diesel.

If you want to do more than shout
at your television or moan to your partner, then get active.
We don’t need you to take to the streets, but we do need
you to attend our Honest Conversations rally on May 23rd.
Hundreds have already signed up to engage with me and my MP
colleagues; to hear what Prof Des Gorman has to say about
COVID and the health reforms and to demonstrate that our
movement must be listened to.

We are on a march
towards a better and fairer New Zealand. Will you join

David Seymour

Date: Sunday,
23 May, 1.00pm
Venue: ASB Waterfront
Theatre, 138 Halsey Street, Wynyard Quarter,

Ticket Prices:

  • Adult –
  • Student – $25.00

Reserve your
tickets for Honest Conversations.


Places to

Things to


– Our AGM will be held from 10.00am to 12.00pm at the ASB
Waterfront Theatre. You can RSVP to the AGM and find out
more details here.
Please note, the AGM is open to members

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