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Bearing Witness To The Animals

On Sunday 2nd May, Whanganui and Wellington Animal Save
chapters will be bearing witness to pigs, sheep and cows on
their way to slaughter.

Land Meats slaughterhouse, 42 Bryce St,
Castlecliff, Whanganui.



‘We are a non-violent,
peaceful, grassroots animal rights organisation’, says NZ
Animal Save volunteer Sandra Kyle, ‘and our message to the
public is to rethink their choices when it comes to eating
animals. Connecting with these living beings, documenting
their last moments, and sharing these with the public,
allows us to give a voice to the voiceless. These
individuals that we painfully say goodbye to as they enter
the gates of the slaughterhouse have families, and they feel
pain and experience emotions (just like our pet dog or cat,
or even like us!) They need to be seen for who they truly
are; warm, breathing sentient beings.”

said, “For me, personally, one of the hardest animals to
bear witness to is the pigs. Pigs have the intelligence and
awareness of a three year old child. They are very vocal,
and express their fear and anxiety in loud screams when they
are being unloaded from the trucks.”

We are
here to tell you the truth about animal agriculture. We call
on individuals, governments, corporations and other
institutions to begin to transition to a vegan food system.
We ask the public to think; what would you do if you saw a
truck loaded with cats and dogs about to enter a
slaughterhouse? Wouldn’t there be an uproar? So, what’s
the difference between that or a truck full of pigs or



There are 14,000 mother pigs
in Aotearoa NZ living in small cages (farrowing crates)
where they cannot turn around, or care for their babies

After a dairy cow has been
impregnated 3 or 4 times over her lifetime and has had her
babies taken away from her at birth, she will mourn and
bellow over the suffering of her loved one. When she is
‘spent’, she will be sent to a bloody death – all
because humans want to drink her calf’s

‘Free range’ is a myth. Chickens
are still dying from heart problems and other conditions,
and living a miserable life – whether organic or free
range. A shocking 1 million hours-old male chicks are
mascerated or suffocated every year, simply because they
cannot lay eggs.

A gunshot to the head
doesn’t always kill instantly, resulting in a slow and
painful death for the animal being

A large number of
slaughterhouse workers suffer from alcoholism, PTSD and
depression due to the nature of their

Humane death is a lie, animals do not
want to die.

“Studies and science have shown
time and time again that we do not need to eat animals to
live healthy lives. Why then do we continue to cause pain
and suffering to these innocent creatures? There is no way
to humanely kill an animal who doesn’t want to die. This
is a justice movement, just like other social justice
movements. It is time for us to change. We need to evolve
and come together to create a better world – a kinder,
gentler, more progressive world – not only for animals but
for us. I really wish that our government would apply its
signature slogan of ‘Be Kind’ to all animals, not just
humans. I don’t see any reason why New Zealand can’t be the
first country in the world to seriously begin to transition
to a plant-based economy. This is the international trend
anyway, we can lead the world in this as we have in so many

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