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Air NZ’s Possible Assistance To Saudi Military Ships Committing Atrocities In Yemen Appalling

The Green Party strongly condemns the revelation that Air
New Zealand may have provided assistance and maintenance to
Saudi Arabian vessels involved in committing atrocities in

“My thoughts go to the Yemeni community who
continue to suffer one of the worst atrocities in human
history, including mass starvation and violence causing
hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths, leaving millions
displaced”, Green Party spokesperson on Human Rights said

“New Zealanders will be heartbroken to find
our national carrier may have helped commit these mass
crimes for financial gain.

“As a child in Iran I saw
a little of the ravages of another Middle Eastern war, which
waged on for far too long because there was profit in our
suffering. After celebrating the reinstatement of our
refugee resettlement programme last week, this latest
revelation is a reminder that the best way to help refugees
is to prevent our displacement. Air New Zealand has breached
that duty of care.

“We must now be vigilant here in
Aotearoa against the culture of impunity when it comes to
corporate profit from war industries.

“We welcome
Air New Zealand’s move to cease all support for the Saudi
military after the matter came to light, and to apply this
lesson to all future third party

“However, we as a nation have an absolute
legal and moral duty to investigate, and hold to account
anyone in Air New Zealand’s leadership who may be found to
have knowingly provided support and assistance to the
atrocities committed in Yemen. If those in Air New Zealand
HQ were not aware of what was going on, it needs to be
established how that was allowed to happen.

“Now, as
always, is a time for Aotearoa New Zealand to stand as an
independent principled voice for

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