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Activists Spend Anzac Day Protesting Against Animal Exploitation and Commemorate The Death Of Falco Three

What: Palmerston North Animal Save team up with
Coalition For The Protection Of Racehorses to stand against
animal cruelty on Anzac Day

When: Sunday
25th April 2021 – 12pm

Intersection of Maxwells Line and Racecourse Road,

“Palmerston Norths Anzac Day event
is cruel and unnecessary. On a day when we should be paying
our thoughts to the lives sacrificed by our fallen soldiers,
race goers celebrate the forced sacrifice of animal lives
through the racing industry” says Palmerston North Animal
Save coordinator Campbell Arnott.

“This year we have
already seen seven on track deaths, one of which occurred
right here in Palmerston North just last month.”

Three was “euthanized” on the 6th of March in Palmerston
North after sustaining a devastating fracture to the
sesamoid bone because the nature of the horse racing
industry is to push these animals to their absolute limit,
all for the sake of money and entertainment.

year, on average, two horses per month are dying on New
Zealand racetracks after sustaining injuries that deem them
liabilities, like Falco Three.

“Injuries and death
of horses in the racing industry are common practice because
the horses are treated as a commodity for profit. The harm
occurs both on the racetrack and behind the

“As one example, it is common practice
that when racehorses are no longer profitable, many are sent
to the knackery. Thousands of thoroughbreds in Aotearoa are
going missing on a yearly basis – and all these deaths are
for the revenue of gambling and

“We are opposed to horse racing.
While people are enjoying bubbles and fashion, there are
horses bubbling from their mouth, bleeding in their lungs
and being raced to death. While people are betting, horses
are going through Russian roulette on their

“Glam up events don’t justify supporting
animal cruelty. We want people to think twice about
attending and supporting racing events. There are
cruelty-free events that you can still enjoy with family and
friends. It is not a party for the horses.”

bet, they die. Your support of this event is support of
animal cruelty”

Read about our New Zealand campaign
CPR’s latest documentary here.
Palmerston North Animal Save here

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