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A New Board Brings Energy And Focus To The New Zealand Institute Of International Affairs

Following a major change to its constitution and
governance arrangements, the New Zealand Institute of
International Affairs recently elected a new board to take
it forwards. The Institute is an independent
non-governmental organisation that encourages an
understanding of the importance of global affairs to the
political and economic well-being of New Zealand and has
been in existence since 1934.

This is part of a
re-invigoration of the Institute including a new website, an
engagement programme with young people and a series of

The new board comprises skilled experts in
international relations, finance and governance. The new
Chair is Sir Anand Satyanand who previously served as
President of the Institute for three years. Deputy Chair is
Richard Grant, currently the Chair of the Hawkes Bay branch
of the Institute and was previously Chairman of the Arts
Council and Executive Director of the Asia New Zealand

Other board members are Dr James Kember,
Dr Serena Kelly, Andrew Wierzbicki, Luke Qin, Suzannah
Jessep and Dr James Waite from the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs and Trade.

At its recent AGM the Institute
approved the appointment of five Life Members who were
recognised for their service to the Institute. They are Sir
Doug Kidd, Dr Ian McGibbon, Emeritus Professor Rob Rabel,
Ian Grant and Emeritus Professor Don

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