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350 Auckland Brings Nation-wide Fortnight Of Action Calling On ACC To Go Fossil Free To Newmarket

Yesterday Wednesday 14th July local climate group 350
Auckland joined grassroots climate justice groups across
Aotearoa in an action calling for Accident Compensation
Corporation (ACC) to immediately halt all investments in
coal, oil and gas companies. Currently, fossil fuel
investments account for over $200 million of ACC’s total
investment fund. 350 Auckland took action outside ACC’s
Newmarket branch.

ACC’s investments in fossil fuels
are simply “hypocrisy”, according to 350 Auckland member
Olivia Maher. “ACC is supposed to ensure the health and
recovery of New Zealanders and investing in fossil fuels is
the complete antithesis of that. Our public institutions
need to stick to their word and lead us to a healthy future
– the well-being of New Zealanders cannot be considered
separately from the well-being of our planet.”

Auckland held a peaceful demonstration outside the ACC
Newmarket office, engaging passers-by with banners, music,
flyers and conversation. This was the second part of a
two-week event centred around ACC Newmarket. Both actions
saw a positive level of engagement from the public, with
many unaware that the government organisation invested in
fossil fuels and agreeing that public funds should be used
for public good.

The Auckland actions were coordinated
by 350 Aotearoa as part of its ACC Go Fossil Free campaign,
calling on the Board of ACC to live up to its value of being
a responsible steward of our public money by investing in a
safe future for all and stop investing public funds in coal,
oil and gas companies.

Actions have also taken place
in the past few weeks in Wellington, Invercargill, and

350 Aotearoa spokesperson Erica Finnie said,
“ACC aims to be a responsible steward, to meet the needs
of people in Aotearoa today and tomorrow. We’re sending a
clear message to ACC that in order to live up to its claim
to be a responsible steward of our public money it must
divest from coal, oil, and gas companies and invest in a
sustainable future that is better for our families, our
environment, and future generations.”

“We expect
to see ACC’s Board respond to the thousands of people
across Aotearoa, including our government, that are calling
for ACC to stop investing our public money in the fossil

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