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20,000 New Zealanders Back Petition To Withdraw Funding For SkyPath

The New Zealand Taxpayers’
’s petition to withdraw taxpayer
funding for the proposed $685 million cycle and pedestrian
bridge has reached 20,000 signatures.
The petition
can be signed at

spokesman Louis Houlbrooke says, “The Government has made
a serious misjudgement in choosing to allocate a massive
chunk of taxpayer funds toward a project that will
disproportionately benefit an elite group of

“This vanity project is set to cost
$370 for every household in New Zealand, from Kaitaia to the
Bluff. The history of SkyPath’s cost blowouts, combined
with the rushed announcement of this latest proposal,
suggest that the final cost will likely be even

“People often sign petitions calling for
more government spending on various causes, but here we have
thousands of New Zealanders urging the Government to display
fiscal prudence. That’s significant. It suggests that New
Zealanders understand that in a time of skyrocketing
national debt, taxpayer funds should be used cautiously, on
services and infrastructure that will benefit the many, not
the few.”

“Tomorrow we’ll be delivering our
petition to Parliament. We’re urging the Government to
ditch this white elephant before it commits any more money
and attention to a fraught design and consultation

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