Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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US budget 2022 includes $88 mln for Georgia

The US Department of State has released the US Congressional Budget Justification for 2022, which includes $88 million in assistance for Georgia.

The US assistance ‘will support Georgia’s democratisation, economic development, Euro-Atlantic integration, and build resilience to counter Kremlin malign influence’. 

Funding will help strengthen institutional checks and balances and the rule of law; develop a more vibrant civil society; improve access to independent, reliable, and balanced media; promote political pluralism; support reconciliation efforts including in Abkhazia; increase energy security and advance clean energy; promote reforms necessary to foster economic development; expand private-sector competitiveness and agricultural productivity; and attract foreign investment”, the document reads. 

It also notes that ‘increased funding will help enhance energy security and cybersecurity, as well as economic opportunities and integration for populations susceptible to Russian malign influence’.

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