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TI Georgia: ‘the media environment has significantly worsened in Georgia’

The newly published report of non-governmental organization Transparency International Georgia (TI Georgia) reads that the media environment in the country has significantly worsened and professional activities have become a threat to journalists, especially for critical media staff.

The aggressive rhetoric of the ruling party members and the alleged disinformation campaign they support on social media, politically motivated cases, the state’s inappropriate interference with the professional activities of journalists and violence against them – this is an incomplete list of the problems that critical media outlets face today”, reads the report.

TI Georgia says since the 2020 parliamentary elections a number of cases of violence against media, obstruction, threats and wiretapping were reported in the country.

The report includes Formula TV journalist Vakho Sanaia’s case.

Sanaia, who was attacked by three individuals on his way to home in Vake district on February 25, sustained multiple injuries on his body.

After the incident Sanaia said that the three individuals expressed aggression to him as a journalist, they were cursing television and media outlets.

A Journalist, cameraman and photo reporter of Georgian Public Broadcaster were attacked during a confrontation between ethnic Azerbaijanis and locals in Dmanisi on May 17. After the incident GPB appealed to all relevant bodies, including the Interior Ministry to timely investigate the incident.

In its latest report the TI Georgia also says that the rights of media representatives were severely violated On November 8, 2020 during the dispersal of rally at the Central Election Commission building.

Several journalists were injured by police water cannons during the rally dispersal.

See the full version of the report here.

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