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Georgia’s Kakheti region: 3 COVID-19 hotspots identified

Three COVID-19 hotspots have been identified in Georgia’s eastern Kakheti region though the epidemiological situation is under full control, the head of the Kakheti branch of the National Centre for Disease Control, Neli Khizanishvili, said earlier today.

Checkpoints have been set up in the village of Matani in Akhmeta municipality by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in order to thermoscreen all individuals entering and leaving the area.

As 15 new cases of the coronavirus have been recorded in the village of Matani in recent days, each individual entering and leaving the area will undergo mandatory PCR (polymerase chain reaction) testing for COVID-19.

A total of 750 individuals have already been tested for COVID-19 in the village, while 169 other individuals from risk groups have also been tested for the virus throughout the Kakheti region. The epidemiological situation is under full control in the Kakheti region”, said Neli Khizanishvili,

Khizanishvili also said that residents of the village of Matani will be tested for Covid-19 in the coming days.

The epidemiological situation in Lagodekhi municipality is more stable,  no new cases have been identified so far. There are only two families who are staying in self-isolation. They attended a wedding in the Adjara region and the virus was confirmed after arriving in Kakheti”, said Khizanishvili.

The third COVID-19 cluster has emerged in the village of Velistsikhe in Gurjaani municipality. After receiving test results of 63 individuals, epidemiologists will decide if additional preventive measures will be carried out in the municipality.

The health condition of all the newly infected patients is satisfactory, while children have almost no symptoms that are characteristic of COVID-19, said Khizanishvili.

All schools have been inspected in the Kakheti region by the Labor Inspection Department and they were allowed to continue their studies.

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Georgia has reported a record 170 new cases of the coronavirus earlier today, of which 124 were registered in the Adjara region of Georgia.

Since February 26, 2020 Georgia has had 2,562 cases of the coronavirus.

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