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Georgian Defence Ministry, Defence Forces commemorate fallen heroes of 1993 Abkhazia War battle

Georgia’s Defence Ministry and servicemembers of the Defence Forces on Saturday paid tribute to those who died in the 1993 Battle of Tamishi during the war in Georgia’s northeastern region of Abkhazia.

Officials including Deputy Minister Davit Chichinadze, commanders from the General Staff of the Georgian Defence Forces and Ruslan Abashidze, the Head of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia were involved in the ceremony at the memorial on Heroes Square in capital Tbilisi, the Georgian Defence Ministry said.

Veterans of the 1992-1993 conflict also took part in the tribute to professional servicemembers and volunteers who lost their lives in one of the major engagements in the war.

The battle was sparked on July 2, 1993, when 600 seaborne troops were landed by the Abkhaz side on a stretch of the Black Sea coastline in the region, in an unexpected operation designed and executed in conjunction with the Russian military.

Using a Russian military vessel, the landing force intended to flank Georgian forces holding an area between the regional capital Sokhumi and the town of Ochamchire.

The Georgian side lost around 300 troops as a result of the days-long clash that followed the landing, managing to repel the forces and maintain their positions despite the battle causing one of the largest casualties for them in a single engagement of the war.

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