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Georgia joins Europe Day celebrations

“I believe that European unity needs Georgia as much as we need Europe”, Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili has stated, congratulating everyone on Europe Day today.

Today the EU and its member states celebrate ‘peace and unity in Europe’, commemorating the historic 1950 Schuman declaration, which has ‘laid out a vision of cooperation’ between European nations leading to the European Union.

I congratulate Europe Day to all who cherish European values, who see the future of Georgia in a large family of European nations”, PM Garibashvili said. 

He said Georgia will apply for the full EU membership in 2024, making ‘the dream of our ancestors come true’. 

The Georgian PM has also noted that the ‘process of European integration is a unique opportunity for our Abkhazian and Ossetian brothers to enjoy all the benefits that bring them closer to Europe’.

EU Ambassador to Georgia Carl Hartzell said today we celebrate the idea that is the foundation of the European Union – ‘the idea that cooperation can overcome war and conflict and create prosperity on the European continent and beyond’.

Ambassadors of various EU member states to Georgia have also released their joint video congratulating Georgia on Europe Day. 

Learn more about the Europe Day from the European Commission’s video:

The European Parliament has also shared a video abou the EU:

On May 9 Georgia also marks the 76th anniversary of victory over fascism when Nazi Germany was defeated by allied forces bringing World War II to an end. 

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