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Tbilisi Nightlife and Entertainment

If you are spending time in Tbilisi and wondering where to go at night, this article will help you. Passing time in Tbilisi from the late evening into the early hours of the morning can be one of the most memorable time of this city. A colorful capital with superb nightlife. After eating delicious food and visiting ancient sightseeing, it is time to gather your friends together, dance, drink and spend quality time with them. There are numerous entertainment options in Tbilisi. There are a lot of different pubs, bars, and discos. If you tend to try your luck, there are many casinos in Tbilisi as well. Finally, Tbilisi is the world’s top destination for clubbing. Venues and clubs in Tbilisi are unique with their spirit. So, if you are a night owl, Tbilisi is an amazing destination for you. Here, you are going to read about the following topics:

1-Bars and Clubs

2-Dance clubs and Discos

3-Wine bars


5Night Tours

6-Shardeni street

Bars and Clubs

The nightlife of Tbilisi will give you a different impression of the city. Take some rest at a bar and enjoy the brightly illuminated streets of the city. If you want to use your opportunity to explore Tbilisi at night, here we introduce four bars and cafés to you.

1-Carpe Diem cafe bar:

This place receives a Certificate of Excellence by Trip Adviser Website. This is a place with catchy design and perfect homemade wine. Siting in its small balcony at night will give you a great view of Tbilisi. The outdoor atmosphere is as well as the indoor’s. This cozy and quirky place is tiny yet it is worth the visit.

Address: 5 Samghebro Street.

Carpe Diem Bar – Tbilisi Nightlife

2- Dive Bar:

Playing Beer Pong and chatting with locals and travelers are the lovely experiences of this bar. The quality of the drinks is fascinating. The staff is kind and helpful. All bartenders speak English very well. Listen to good music, play and drink in the Dive bar to end your night magically in Tbilisi.

Address: 12 Revaz Laghidze Street.

Dive Bar Tbilisi Nightlife

3- DIVExFabrika:

Seeking new connections is highly possible here as there are always a lot of people from all around the world in this place. You can eat, drink and socialize in DIVExFabrika. This unique bar has staff from around the world. So, thy speak English well.  Drinking Chacha alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks is highly recommended here. Fabrika is a very famous hostel, and this bar is inside it. Interesting street arts on the walls have made DIVExFabrika a good place to take great photos.

Address: Egnate Ninoshvili Street.

DivexFabrika Tbilisi’s nightlife

4- 41 Gradus:

Experience magical drinks with knowledgeable bartenders. Cocktails here have good quality. The interior design is cool and stylish. It is a hidden spot in the center of the old city. But after you find it, you will see it is worthy. Interestingly, the menu is changing every two weeks in 41 Gradus. So enjoy your night in this bar and have a new positive experience.

Address: Tabidze Galaqtion street.

41Gradus Tbilisi’s nightlife

Dance clubs and Discos

Partying and clubbing are inseparable parts of Tbilisi’s culture. There are a lot of bars and discos where you can go drinking, dancing and basically enjoy. Georgians love to eat, drink and have fun with their friends. Even on weekdays, they go to clubs and bars. So, if you are a type of person who loves dancing and drinking, here are four famous clubs for you.

1- Cafe Gallery Club:

The sound system and DJs are of high quality. Dancing and drinking in this place is an enjoyable experience. The staff speaks English well. So, you don’t have any problems with your communication. You can have your dinner in the Café Gallery as well. The interior design is nice and clubby.

Address: 34 Alexander Griboedov Street.

Cafe Gallery Club Tbilisi’s nightlife

2- Bassiani:

One of the most famous clubs in Tbilisi is Bassiani. The sound system is incredible. DJs from all around the world come to this club. You can have an unforgettable dance experience here. The atmosphere is unique and the lighting is decent.

Address: 2 Akaki Tsereteli Avenue.

Bassiani – Tbilisi’s nightlife

3- Nine Club & Lounge:

There is no entry fee for this club. The music is great. The staff is helpful and friendly. You will like the ambiance of this place. Saturday parties are highly recommended by locals and travelers. So, if you are a nightlife lover, give Nine Club & Lounge a try.

Address: old Tbilisi, Europe square.

Hours: You can go to this place from Friday to Saturday,

Nine Club&Lounge – Tbilisi’s Nightlife

4- Mzesumzira’s Ezo:

Mzesumzira’s is a festival that a group of DJs ran in 2014. Since that time, a lot of open-air music festivals and colorful events have taken place with this label (Mzesumzira’s Ezo). It is in Mtatsminda Park. So, besides drinking and dancing, you can get a captivating view over Tbilisi. If you are heading for Tbilisi in summer, the best music festival for hot summer is this. So, Don’t miss the chance to dance all night and get the pleasure of the incredibly beautiful views of the city from the top of Mtatsminda Park.

Address: Mtatsminda Park, entrance from Tbilisi Funicular.

Music Festival, Tbilisi’s nightlife

Wine bars

Georgians have been producing wine for at least 8,000 years. So, Georgia is the birthplace of wine. Here in the capital, you can try different kinds of wine, from factory-made to homemade. Spending your night while you are drinking a Georgian wine would create an unforgettable memory for you in your life. Now, if you are a wine person, here is a list of the best wine bars in Tbilisi. Check them out and taste as many as you can.

1- 8000 Vintages – Wine shop and bar:

Waitresses here professionally advise you what to choose. The price is not cheap, but the quality of wine and service compensate it. The atmosphere is good. Wine can be accompanied by wonderful cheese, ham, and other delicious stuff.

Address: 60 Irakli Abashidze Street.


8000 Vintages Tbilisi’s Nightlife

2- Vino Underground:

Here is the first organic wine bar in Georgia. There is a huge variety of local wines here. The atmosphere is cozy and friendly. The music is great and it is often live. All the staff has an excellent knowledge of the wine and are ready to make amazing suggestions whenever you ask them.

Address: 15 Galaktion Tabidze Street.

Vino Underground Tbilisi’s nightlife

3- Tsangala’s Wine Shop & Bar:

You can find many great wines at a reasonable price here. There is a lovely little terrace in this bar where you can sit, drink your Georgian wine and listen to refreshing music. The staff is exceptionally friendly and gives you just the wine you need.

Address: 12 Ioane Shavteli Street.

Tsangala’s Wine Bar Tbilisi’s nightlife

4- Winery Khareba:

Winery Khareba is a beautiful and huge vineyard where, besides tasting incredible Georgian wines, you will learn how to make Georgian food. They store more than 25,000 bottles of wine in underground tunnels in Winery Khareba. Visiting the tunnel is like a wine tour where you can taste different wines on the way. As you reach the top of the tower, you will get an amazing view. So, if you are a wine lover this place is surely for you.

Address: 1 Vakhtang Gorgasali Street.

Winery Khareba Tbilisi’s nightlife

Casinos and Gambling

The gambling industry is growing year by year in Georgia. It is significantly affecting the development of the country’s tourism and economy. In the capital, there are famous casinos where locals and tourists visit to try their luck. If you would like to spend your evenings and nights at casinos, play games and enjoy, the following casinos are famous in Tbilisi. Read about them and choose the one you want to visit.

1- Shangri La Casino:

Here lobby hosts are welcoming and the location is good. It is a free entry casino. Slot machines are on the first floor. On the second floor, there are roulette, Russian poker and Texas Hold’em. It’s a nice place to gamble and enjoy late-night fun in Tbilisi.

Address: River Mtkvari Right Embankment.

Shangri la Casino Tbilisi nightlife

2- Casino IVERIA Tbilisi:

The environment is cozy and pleasant. As this casino is located in a hotel, there are restaurants where you can have a meal. Staff and dealers are friendly and kind. They also serve you with free beer/tea/latte/peanuts which are nice and tasty.

Address: 1 Rose Revolution Square.

Casino Iveria Tbilisi nightlife

3- Jewel Casino:

There are various table games and slot machines in this casino. Staff and dealers are nice. This entertaining place offers you great food as well. The interior design is fantastic and the live music is perfect. You will surely enjoy your visit to Jewel Casino.

Address: 29 Shota Rustaveli Avenue.

Jewel Casino Tbilisi nightlife

4- Casino Adjara:

This casino is providing to its visitor full variety of table and slot games. It is in the center of Tbilisi. There are two floors – one for USD and the other for the local currency. Drinks here are not free but they are affordable. Finally, its classy atmosphere will make your casino experience unforgettable.

Address: 1, 26 May Square.

Casino Adjara Tbilisi’s nightlife

Night Tours

Discovering the magic of Tbilisi at night is much more interesting. Illuminated streets and crowded bars and cafes make you feel excited at night. This cultural and political center of Georgia offers lots of fun to locals and tourists. In addition to all the bars, clubs and casinos, there are some night tours in Tbilisi that give you the chance to experience city-life after dark.

1- Tbilisi by Night Walking Tour:

This is a three-hour tour by a local guide. You can experience the energy of nightlife in Tbilisi. You will see some landmarks and learn about the city’s history. Departure Point is Berikaoba, Tbilisi.

Night Walking Tour Tbilisi’s nightlife

2- Nightlife & Gambling Tbilisi:

In this tour, you will get the chance to make your trip to Tbilisi different. You are going to see nightlife, relax and enjoy in Tbilisi by the help of this tour. They run it in two days. The first day is a Tbilisi Nightlife tour and the second day is a Casino tour. The tour duration of each day is about 7 hours.

Enjoy Tbilisi at night

3-Night Tour with Mercedes CL- Coupe:

You will get to see Tbilisi at night and enjoy the sights and sounds of this city by this six-hour night tour. The tour begins by your tour guide picking you up at night. You will experience the amazing nightlife of Tbilisi by a Mercedes CL- Coupe. Shardeni street, night clubs, bars, and lounge areas are the places you will visit on this tour.

Night tour by Mercedes in Tbilisi

Shardeni street

Last but not the least, each touristic city has a street where you can find the nightlife there. There are a lot of restaurants and bars on this street. This is the most alive and illuminated part of the city at night. For Tbilisi, Shardeni street plays this role. It is right in the center of the city. An enjoyable spot with interesting music you can hear from different bars and watching people walk everywhere. Don’t miss this street to experience the real energetic nightlife of Tbilisi.

Shardeni street Tbilisi nightlife

To sum up, Tbilisi nightlife will make your stay in Georgia more memorable. You will get a picturesque view of the city at night and decide to come back soon.


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